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Hello Gorgeous...
30 Days from now your perception of the world could be completely different ... In ways far simpler than you could ever even imagine...
...Sound intriguing?

If "YES", then read on my friend...
You know that moment when you just want to play hooky from your life?
Like just leave work... right now... Tell someone what you really think... Book a last minute flight...

Where you wish you could just do whatever the hell you wanted? No matter what anyone else thought... including yourself. Something so crazy and spontaneous.

You know those things right? But just like that... without any thought... you sigh, and you shake your head, and carry on with your day.

No questions asked....
So What Is That?...
...Why do we instantly dismiss it?
We don’t even know. We rarely even stop to think about's so automatic.

So take a quick moment here. How often do you do that? How often do you just have this urge... deep down inside of you... and you so quickly dismiss it

Once a week? Once a day? Many times a day? Really get present for a moment here... 

So what is that? Why do we do that? We wish we could, but then we instantly just know we can't.

Where did that come from? It’s really quite an interesting point of view when you stop to think about it. 
Well Here's What We Reckon You Might Say...
  • ‘Oh I could never do that'
  • ​'Ya, I wish...'
  • ​'I would, but...'
  • ​'What would people think of me?'
  • ​'I don't have a choice.'
  • ​'I'm not allowed'
  • ​'It's out of the question'
Sound familiar? So what is that?...

Well... it's actually just a point of view we’ve taken on

We don’t even let ourselves imagine beyond what we know... Beyond what we’ve always chosen. We don’t know we can... or.. we're too scared.

Most of us don’t really know how to choose. 

Our choices are based on what society deems appropriate

We wouldn’t want to hurt anyone's feelings or make someone feel uncomfortable or angry. We wouldn’t want to risk being judged. We wouldn’t want to stand out too much. 

We keep ourselves mediocre because that’s what we’re supposed to do. We’ve never been told it’s ok to do otherwise. 

And quite frankly, it’s what we know, therefore it’s 'comfortable'. Does that sound pretty accurate?

So what if we could?
Well here’s the good news... We can
So how do we do that?... By asking questions

But here's the thing about asking questions in this reality... They require answers.

But what if they didn’t?

We were introduced to Access Consciousness in 2015 and one of the first things we were told is that a question empowers and an answer always dis-empowers

And that was a real head scratcher. It confused us to no ends, but it was intriguing all at the same time.

An answer dis-empowers. But why? Aren't we supposed to have an answer? Well here's a very broad example just to give you an idea of what we like to do.

Question: ‘Why are you doing that?’ 

Answer: ‘Well because I’ve just always done it that way’ or ‘That’s the way 'so and so' did it, so that’s the way I do it’, or ‘Because that’s just what you do’... and sometimes it's simply 'I don't know'

Do you see what that does?
It only gives you one possibility. You only have one choice

So any other possibility.. that just might be that one thing that makes you so happy, that makes you smile so big, makes you feel so expansive, so light and so free... is totally eliminated as a choice, as a possibility... because you can’t even see it. 

You have chosen a point of view that is so powerful that it actually blinds you to all other possibilities

So why would we do we do this?... 

We likely don’t even know we have that point of view. It’s not even consciously in our world. 

We don't even know that we have another choice...

...But what if we did? 
One of the things that really opened our eyes that we learned in Access Consciousness is that we simply don’t know we can choose something else

We think we don't have another choice.

But we always have another choice. There is always another way. 

We’ve just never been taught that...

So if you could choose whatever you wanted, how would that feel? Amazing? Unbelievable? Exhilarating? Scary? Impossible? Unknown?
Enter Project Simplicity… It’s as easy as 1-2-3. 
It’s like having a new set of eyes. Discovering that you have infinite choices and infinite possibilities

To begin to truly embrace who you are. Every part of you. Even the parts that you think are wrong. 

What if everything you were told is a wrongness of you… and that you thought is a wrongness of you.. Is actually a strongness of you? A gift.

The parts of you, that if you chose to embrace them... might actually give you the power and potency to truly choose what you desire. To choose what makes you happy.

That’s what we’ve discovered and we’ve never felt so alive, so full of gratitude, wonder and awe. 

The ability to wake up in the morning with the freedom to choose whatever we want.

To truly start each day anew, with no point of view about anything that happened the moment before. 
And here’s the best part...

Because how many times can you hear yourself saying ‘I don’t know what to do’, ‘I don’t know what I want’. 

Well deep down inside we do know but we don’t even know that we know because we’ve never been told we can ask.

Now we’re going to switch gears here for a moment...
We ask you to take yourself to a place and time when you were so happy and on top of the world

You know those moments? And more so you know the energy of those moments? The energy.

And that’s what Project Simplicity is all about. Pulling those energies into our lives. The ones that make us feel so freaking happy. 

Sounds pretty amazing hey?

And it gets even better. We don’t even have to figure out how. We’re going to let the universe show us how. 

Because let’s face it… if we knew how, we’d be living that right now.

And sometimes we do. But most of the time we’re stuck in our heads trying to figure it out, trying to get it right... Because we don't want to be wrong. We’re like a dog chasing its tail.

And we don’t know about you... but we're pretty bored with this way of being

And when we discovered Access Consciousness and energy pulls... combined with all the other amazing and magical tools we’ve discovered over the past 20 years...


Everything has changed!

And not suddenly or drastically. It doesn’t happen overnight. 

It’s like learning how to use new muscles. You have to keep using them. 

But the more we talked about it, the more we realized how much things were changing before our very eyes... 

With way less effort and way more fun. Life has been so much simpler. And it’s so much easier than you think.

Krista & Kara... The Twins
We are The Twins..and we are on a wild adventure to a simpler way of being in this world.  

We would love to be by your side as YOU begin Your new journey to a life that is simply easier.. and more joyful.. and more FUN!!
And it’s why we have created 
Project Simplicity
We want everyone to have this freedom we have discovered. We want to share this with the world, or at least to anyone who’s willing to have this as their reality.

We will say... that what we talk about goes against much of the norms of society

And it may sound crazy, but it works. There’s not a lot of people willing to choose this but if you are ... then look out world... because this is for you. 

What you will discover is so much freedom and gratitude. And an allowance of yourself and of others that you never knew was possible. 

More fun, more adventure, more lightness in your world... and a willingness to embrace every single part of you.

So if you’re ready for a journey of self discovery, fun and adventure then please join us

...Oh and by the way... this is not a self help group, it’s not about finding your life purpose. We are not here to fix you or to change you or teach you to fit in and make the best of what you have. 

We’re here to show you that there's so much more... so many possibilities...more than you could ever imagine... and that you can make choices simply because it’s what feels light in your world

It’s about learning to trust you and follow the magical energy trail to where you want your life to be.


It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

Are You Ready To Take A Journey With Us?
Would you like to Hear More?...
...Here's the Details of Project Simplicity
A 30 Day Journey with The Twins as Your Guides...
Join us in our Daily FB Lives where you will get to start pulling in the energy of the life you alway hoped you could have... but never realized you could choose..

Here is what you'll receive when you say "YES" today!

A 30 Day Healing Journey
Where you will be able to drastically change what isn't working for you anymore... leading to better health, wealth, relationships, and more!

Energy Pulls
That will allow you to Pull In The Energy of what you'd like your life to be.  You will learn many fun ways to help guide you along your path with more ease.

Daily FB Lives with The Twins
Where you will be able to engage with us in a private FB group... and enjoy the magic of a like-minded people.
Plus These Incredible Bonuses!

FB Live Replays Available
Where you will be able to go back to your favorite Energy Pulls over and over again!

Distant Reiki Healing
To nuture and love your body as it shifts and changes with your new way of being. 

Practical Tools
To simplify your life and add magic to your day... and to support and nuture your body during times of change.
Is 30 Days Too Much to Ask For?
Go ahead. Give yourself the gift of 30 days.
What if the next 30 days could be A Game Changer for you? 
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I loved seeing one of you ladies every morning. I loved the discipline that I created for myself to wake up and do the energy pulls live. Live is always best for me. The way you send and explain the healing of reiki, listening to your body and intuition is inspiring to me. I was also really thankful for how often you girls repeated certain, favorite energy pulls. The words that we listened to helped me start practicing daily. I liked the real truth and stories you shared because we are in need of everyday examples. Feeling confident and courageous and my relationships are all healthier. Especially the relationship with myself. Thank you for your energy at this time ladies
-Meghan Carteri
I think the biggest thing I have received is seeing things from a different perspective. You guys always manage to talk about very applicable struggles and ways to cope with them. The energy pulls have really helped me start my day with happy energy.
I have been getting up earlier just to listen - which means one of my goals from last year has been met (get up earlier!).
I find you both so down to earth , so relatable & so inspiring!
I appreciate what you are facilitating so much!
-Krystal MacNevin
After a morning session with Project Simplicity,I feel energized,and in a positive happy state of mind.It is a wonderful way to start the day .I learn a lot of things that help me with the chatter in my mind.I love” isn’t that interesting and fun and funny and a whole lot of money”,always makes me smile and let go of that negative thought.Also think sometimes at work now,to do an energy pull on my break .Very grateful for all the help I get in many ways from you both.
-Iris Talbourdet
 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If Project Simplicity doesn't help you start to actualize the life you truly desire, to show you how to focus on what you want instead of what you don't want, to start waking up happier and more full of enthusiasm and to start enjoying life more, then we will refund you your money. No questions asked. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain my friend!
Still not sure? ....
When Would NOW Be A Good Time?
Here's why...

Life is too short!!  What are you waiting for?  What's holding you back from living the life you truly desire?

If you're scared we totally get it! But what if that fear is actually a potency waiting to be unleashed within you?

Would you be willing to have us be your guides alongside your journey to a simpler life?  We sure hope so because we want you to shine and be the gift you truly be for the whole world to see...

Here's to Following the Magical Energy Trail...

Yours Truly,
Krista & Kara, The Twins
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase "Project Simplicity!"
  • 30 Day Healing Journey with The Twins
  • Daily FB Lives where you can engage with us in a private FB group
  • Replay Available if you can't make the live
  • Energy Pulls to move you beyond what you thought was possible
  • Distant Reiki Healing to release stress and anxiety from your body 
  • Practical Tools to simplify your life
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The Twins

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What if the next 30 days could be a game changer for you?  

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